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► Round Table: The legacy of Harold Edwin Hurst in hydrological stochastics

During the 60 years which H. E. Hurst spent studying the Nile for the Egyptian government, he laid the foundation of a monumental set of hydrological records and investigations. His studies of the size of reservoir needed to maintain a given supply from natural Nile flow series showed that this was significantly greater than that based on random series. This finding, known as the Hurst phenomenon, was confirmed in other natural series, and in connection with advances in theoretical and practical mathematics and statistics (illustrated by the work of Kolmogorov and Mandelbrot) has been fruitful in many scientific disciplines including economics, electronics and recently climatology. To celebrate Hurst’s legacy a series of talks is planned, which will focus on (a) his life and career, (b) his scientific contribution and (c) the links of his work to the advances to which it gave rise.

The Round Table is organized within the STAHY ’13 and is chaired by John Sutcliffe.

List of contributions

Stephen Hurst, Harold  Hurst as Engineer and Master Craftsman
John Sutcliffe,  Harold Hurst: his career and legacy
Enda O'Connell,  Hurst, climate variability and sustainable Nile water  management
Ayman G. Awadallah: Hurst: an Influential Figure in Water History, Management Practices and Research Orientations in Egypt
Tim  Cohn, Harry Lins, Alberto Montanari and Demetris Koutsoyiannis, Harold  Hurst and his enduring legacy on geophysics




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