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► Venue / Conference Center

The conference will be hosted in the Kipriotis Panorama Hotel & Suites. The hotel is very close to the beach and has several facilities such as swimming pool, spa, sports, etc. We have assured a good price for the participants who wish to stay in the same hotel, but there are also other hotels and cheaper rooms (e.g. for students or families that can take a few more days for vacation) under same ownership in the area.

► About Kos Island

  • Kos
    The island of Kos belongs to Dodecanese group and is famous, among other things, as the homeland of Hippocrates, who is regarded the father of medicine but has also contributed to hydrology with his treatise On Airs, Waters and Places.
  • Travelling
    The airport is 24 km away from the town of Kos. There are no buses. Taking a taxi upon availability from the airport to the venue hotel costs €40. Erasmus will organize scheduled transfers, corresponding to participants’ arrival times, at a rate of €70 per round trip per person. (50% discount for the accompanying persons, arriving at the same flight/date with the participant)
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  • Environment
    The conference place is 4 km from the town of Kos. Parallel to the central road to Kos there is a bike/pedestrian way, which makes walking/biking to the town enjoyable. (A taxi costs €5 plus €3 if ordered by phone). At the time of the conference the town of Kos should be very calm. Ancient monuments coexist within modern quarters. There are a lot of good taverns, bars, etc. There are several boats to nearby islands as well as to Turkey--it is only 30 minutes and does not need visa for Europeans (or other nationalities if the visit is for 1 day).
  • Weather - Climate
    At the time of the conference, we can predict, based on climatological data, that the weather will be very pleasant—there is uncertainty of course. The seawater temperature should be around 25°C and the atmospheric temperature at noon about the same. Participants are advised to bring their bathing suits because the likelihood to use them is high.
  • Further uncertainty issues
    These include possible strikes, eruption of volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. Greeks, are accustomed to such situations demonstrating good survival capabilities. Since the island is small and well connected transportation-wise, it is expected that the reliability is high and that everything should be smooth and unaffected by external factors.


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